Case Study: PaidRight – Data Engineering

By intelia | @intelia | March 10

intelia provided Google Cloud expertise, guidance, technical oversight, software development, and quality assurance to deliver a wide range of data ingestion pipeline components on PaidRight’s Data Processing platform, maintaining adherence to data security and confidentiality governance.

The challenge

The PaidRight Data Processing platform has undergone numerous iterations since its inception in order to process increasingly diverse data sets supplied by large enterprise clients. Pending certification requirements are driving the need to ensure all data is kept secure and can be processed for the needs of multiple workloads including reporting, analytics, and PaidRight’s unique rules engine.

The solution

Adoption of DevOps patterns and practices Migration of legacy data processing logic into modern frameworks including Python on GCP infrastructure Implement data governance controls for rapid validation of input data extensive usage of BigQuery for data processing, insights, and cost-effective data storage Establish operational and platform maturity processes focused on incremental improvement.

The results

PaidRight have increased their data processing capability to manage large and complex datasets provided by their enterprise customers while enabling a culture of upgrade – continual maturity and feature evolution.

About PaidRight Pty Ltd

PaidRight’s vision is to become the best pay compliance platform in Australia. PaidRight exists to restore trust between employees and employers when it comes to pay.

Industry: Financial Services

Primary project location: Australia