Case Study: Unified Data Platform

By intelia | @intelia | March 10

Development of Data Architecture & Technical Architecture to support a Unified Data Platform. Design and build of platform hosted on GCP utilising Databricks. Integration of UDP data back into the core Application platform.

The challenge

One of our customers, a major banking & financial services organisation, had built a credit management platform to support their internal credit management process. The customer wanted to commercialise this platform and build out a strategic, scalable and monetisable version to take to market. One key requirement was the development of a unified data platform to act as a consolidated data source for their application stack.

The solution

intelia worked with the customer to analyse the current state of their Application Platform, understand the key drivers for its next iteration and then designed and built a Unified Data Platform to source, transform, model and provide access to this data seamlessly. The underlying platform is Databricks deployed on GCP with data sourced from Snowflake as well as flat files and then served via BigQuery.

The results

Key Benefits of the Unified Data Platform: A best in class, scalable data platform on GCP Industry Best Practice Uniform, Real-Time Updated Data for Public Company Entities Direct access to combined industry datasets in one single platform Pre-built integration to Platform Workflows Zero development required to enrich using internal datasets Reduces overall credit process from months to days.

About the customer

Industry: Banking & Financial Services

Primary project location: Australia