A complete, single, shared and live view of trusted business data

Data is the key to ensuring effective decision making and timely access to trustworthy data is the true differentiator. As organisations grow their data assets, the ability to provide a consistent view and timely access to this view is becoming more difficult. Data warehouses of late have become cumbersome, costly and difficult to manage. Virtual data warehouses are becoming a key way of addressing these concerns. AtScale’s intelligent data virtualisation automates the sourcing, curation and modelling of data sources no matter where they are stored to enable data democratisation. Enterprises worldwide use AtScale to achieve fast, seamless and non-disruptive hybrid and multi-platform deployments using virtual data warehousing.

Being the only partner in Australia/APAC region, intelia shares a unique partnership with AtScale and helps customers to accelerate their strategic initiatives by delivering innovative data and intelligent automation solutions.

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AtScale @ one of Australia's Largest Energy Companies

As part of their digital transformation instigated by a disruptive change to the market, the company aimed to address three key challenges:

1. Becoming a true self-service analytics company with just-in-time query optimisation with a single source of truth

2. Leveraging existing data assets and future-proofing data infrastructure investments

3. Utilising a governed, secure and agile adaptive analytics fabric to unify their data and anticipates the needs of the data consumer

intelia, working with AtScale, was able to power business intelligence for citizen data analysts analysing trillions of rows of data resulting in faster, more accurate business decisions at scale.

AtScale helped them successfully achieve:

1. A consolidated view of important data across the organisation and empower business users with the capability to access that data via a common presentation layer, agnostic of tools being used for consumption.

2. Allow the business community to consume, analyse and report on data:

- without needing to have deep technical knowledge of  IT environment

- without needing to have a detailed understanding of relationships between data from different, disparate systems, or

- without needing to first manually source, manipulate and prepare large sets of disparate data before being able to focus on deriving analytics and insights into that data

AtScale can help you overcome data challenges and increase your business value


Inconsistent data definitions

Lack of an universal semantic layer

Lack of common understanding of data

Complex and complicated data interaction

Learn how AtScale eliminates Inconsistent Data Definitions


Extracting billions of records

Data coming from multiple big data sources

Complex and tedious query performance tuning

Redundant summary tables

Learn how AtScale improves query performance


Data coming from disparate data sources

Data analysis is time consuming

Gathering data from multiple data sources

Complex data transformation

Learn how AtScale accelerates time to insight


Data security and access management

Incongruent security policies across datasets

Security leakage with BI tools

Secure data at rest and in motion

Learn how AtScale alleviates security and governance

Global customers who have chosen the right tool for the job — the right virtualisation for the data