Enterprise AI

Accelerate your digital transformation

Accelerate your digital transformation with the leading software provider. The proven C3 AI Suite provides comprehensive services to build enterprise-scale AI applications more efficiently and cost-effectively than alternative approaches.

The C3 AI Suite supports the value chain in any industry with prebuilt, configurable, high-value AI applications for predictive maintenance, fraud detection, sensor network health, supply network optimization, energy management, anti-money laundering, and customer engagement.

C3 AI Suite’s model-driven architecture provides an abstraction layer that vastly simplifies and accelerates the development and deployment of AI and IoT applications.

Product Key Features

C3 AI suite:
A comprehensive platform for rapidly developing, deploying and operating Enterprise AI applications..
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C3.ai Applications:
Learn move about C3.ai pre-built SaaS applications for rapidly addressing high-value use cases.
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C3.ai Ex Machina:
C3.ai Ex Machina allows business analysts, data analysts, and data scientists to rapidly develop AI analytics on big data in a visual interface.
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How your business can benefit.

    • Accelerated delivery: The C3 AI® Suite is software that uses a model-driven architecture to accelerate delivery and reduce the complexities of developing enterprise-scale AI applications. The C3 AI Suite enables organizations to deliver AI-enabled applications faster than alternative methods while reducing the technical debt from maintaining and upgrading these applications.
    • Code-free analytics: Business analysts, data analysts, and data scientists can rapidly integrate data, develop analytics, and deliver AI insights on big data without writing code.
    • Access to enterprise level AI applications : C3 AI applications are specifically designed for CRM, fraud detection, anti-money laundering, inventory optimisation, predicative maintenance and more.

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