Data Governance and Catalog

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New challenges are emerging. Data sources continue to diversify. They are no longer exclusively on-premise but now include the cloud, often on multiple cloud platforms. Visibility into, and optimal use of, all available data is obstructed by additional data silos. Risk management becomes complicated as data crosses from on-premise applications to those in the cloud. Organisations can achieve visibility and alignment across on-premise and cloud environments through proper governance, which needs to be a fundamental part of the design and implementation.

Collibra’s data governance and catalogue solutions ensure quality and accessibility through key features including a business glossary, catalogue, data dictionary, helpdesk, policy manager, stewardship, workflows, lineage maps and more. Collibra’s data governance solution delivers the trusted data your users need to transform your organisation.

Solution Key Features

Collibra Catalog:
Discover and understand data that matters so that you can generate impactful insights that drive business value.
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Collibra Governance:
Understand your ever-growing amount of data in a way that scales with growth and change.
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Collibra Lineage:
Show how data sets are built, aggregated sourced and used, providing complete, end-to-end lineage visualisation.
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Collibra Privacy and Risk:
Build customer trust by operationalising privacy policies and scaling compliance across new regulations.
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How your business can benefit.

    • Robust data intelligence system: Collibra is a best-of-breed, fully-featured solution designed to address the full range of organisation’s data management needs. The reliable solution enables organisations in a spectrum of industries to leverage their data. It allows all data citizens to trust their data and reveal its full potential to drive a lasting competitive edge. Collibra also provides solutions that easily cover key data stewardship and governance activities.
    • IT and business work seamlessly: Collibra makes it possible to integrate IT and business workflows closely. This way, business data is processed with context and actionable insights. Equally important, the process is faster and more accurate and team collaboration is encouraged. Through Collibra Connect, business applications, data sources, metadata, data quality tools, and other meaningful data management stacks are integrated into one system that is accessible to users across the organisation.
    • Easy data access: The Collibra Catalog is a reliable, compact cradle of insightful intelligence for data users and experts who require prompt access to creative data. The module allows you to annotate, document, and tag data sets, on-demand, in a bid to continuously eliminate data silos and enrich the value of the existing data sets. The catalogue makes it easy to understand data context, thanks to its ability to link terms from the business glossary to the registered columns and tables. It enables you to leverage the vocabulary agreed upon by the organisation.
    • Secure data infrastructure: Collibra Privacy & Risk provides a secure place to organise, process, manage and access data. You can implement workflows designed around privacy policies you set, and the system has tools to ensure compliance. It allows you to manage the whole range of the data process lifecycle, making it easier to spot potential gaps or loopholes. Likewise, the system lets you scale privacy policies and compliance to meet a variety of regulations, both old and new.
    • Mobile flexibility: The platform offers an effective Collibra on-the-go module that is available for both Windows and IOS devices. With this module, it becomes easy to access data anytime and anywhere and to understand its meaning and quality. Besides, it helps you to easily update policies, initiate changes and even approve requests from the mobile interface.

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