Improve customer satisfaction with Google Cloud

the problem

Consumers are more sophisticated and empowered than ever. They demand choice, control and convenience in how, when and where they access postal services.​

Our client, one of Australia’s most trusted parcel delivery and logistics organisations which, in 2018 alone, delivered 3.3 billion items to 190 countries worldwide, recognised this change in customer behaviour. With the rise of eCommerce and door-to-door delivery services, traditional postage methods have been forced to evolve in line with customer expectations. Our client wanted to process parcels faster and use real-time analytics to help get goods in the hands of customers.

the approach

Enterprise Data Analytics Platform (EDAP), which included several senior intelians, is regarded as a flagship project for Google in this region and saw several firsts globally. This multi-year project saw the implementation of one of the largest Google Cloud instances in the Oceania region.​

The client had years of historical data to migrate to GCP and required a means to keep Cloud data up to date. The challenge was building a manageable, scalable, automated data ingestion pipeline using GCP hosted SaaS and PaaS services to enable multiple internal teams to perform their existing data analytics and data science use cases.​

intelia provided Google Cloud technical expertise, supporting the client Information Management team, providing technical guidance, technical oversight, software development and quality assurance for the data ingestion pipeline delivery components.

the solution

The solution included the following;

  • A new data warehouse in BigQuery (BQ) including a secured data pipeline with custom data ingestion patterns
  • Migrated on-premise SAP BW data warehouse into GCP – including per transaction data modelling
  • A continuous data stream service from SAP EMS and networked devices into BQ with sub-30-second latency – a world first!
  • Establishment of advanced analytics, AI and ML services – including relevant governance and security controls
  • Deployed a distributed user-based cost model
  • Integrated operational and technology support processes, data governance controls and GCP Working Groups.

the outcome

Due to the EDAP data ingestion pipeline, the client was able to successfully ingest billions of historical records in hours with minimal cost. The ingestion pipeline is also successfully used for continuous batch and micro-batch data ingestion for an ever-growing amount of data sources.​

Moving to Google Cloud transformed the organisation in just a few months. BigQuery has given the client visibility into every stage of the mail delivery process and helps its teams make faster decisions. Results are that analytics are provided 10x faster, flow blockages identified more than 300x faster and improved overall customer satisfaction.​