Be a game-changer with Google Cloud-based artificial intelligence and machine learning

the problem

A large energy market company produces an exponentially growing amount of data daily, and it has forecast that this data growth will multiply in coming years. Currently, individual frequencies or trends are manually investigated when they are identified from various sources and hence deemed to be time-consuming. With the forecast data growth, this process will become very labour intensive and challenging to manage. ​

The client needed to efficiently analyse data to draw insights, however, the rapid growth in data has led to a difficulty in making timely, accurate and insightful forecasts using the current technological platforms available within the business. The client was interested in deploying a new technology platform that is reliable and secure and has the forecasting capability to meet the increasing complexities of energy systems, such as electricity and gas.​

the approach

The client hypothesised that Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine learning (ML) could be a game-changer in providing timely, accurate and insightful forecasting, by using both historical data and predictive scenarios of the changing energy systems, markets and environment.​

The client partnered with intelia to deliver the design and build of a proof of concept (POC) to demonstrate the benefits of incorporating AI and ML capabilities with the Google Cloud Platform. ​

intelia worked with the client and our technology partner Google Cloud to identify business use cases and to prove its value. ​

the solution

The goal of the POC delivered to the client was to:

  • Demonstrate that an AI/ML platform can assist with automating business processes
  • Demonstrate that the process is simple to use and its results are easily understood
  • Demonstrate that AI/ML techniques can assist with complex descriptive and predictive analysis
  • Demonstrate that the proposed process is reusable.

the outcome

intelia demonstrated individual use cases showing how GCP together with AI and ML can add value to key business areas. ​

As a result of the success of the POC, the client included Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning as a part of their corporate plan. The client’s AI/ML project is currently in the delivery phase and is planned to be completed by 2023.