Analysing data at scale using your BI Toolset to help return to the “new normal” post COVID-19

Thursday, June 11th at 10:00 AM AEST (GMT +10)

Join experts from AtScale, the intelligent data virtualization company, and intelia, a trusted data, analytics & intelligent automation partner, to learn how to leverage data analytics to return your company to the “new normal” after coping with COVID-19.

We’ll help you understand the impact the Coronavirus has on inventory management, supply chain, employee wellness, and the impact of outbreaks on employee locations via data models.

We will also showcase the AtScale platform highlighting significant query performance on big data sets and perform live, multidimensional analysis on Starschema: COVID-19 Epidemiological Data using popular BI tools with the AtScale Cloud OLAP model.

You will learn how:

  • data analytics helps you get actionable insights from your data
  • other businesses are leveraging data to get their businesses back online
  • to get free access to AtScale’s COVID-19 data models for analysis.

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Your speakers will be:

Direnc Uysal, Chief Technologist, intelia

Direnc works with intelia’s clients to help unlock the power of their data assets and utilise leading-edge technology to deliver insights rapidly. He was previously part of the foundation team at tech start-up Aplas, and headed up the Innovation Team @ DXC focused on incubating new solutions and emerging technologies.

Daniel Gray, VP Solutions Engineering

Daniel has spent the last two decades in the data warehouse, Big Data, and machine learning space and specializes in descriptive and prescriptive analytics. Prior to Atscale, Daniel worked at HP’s Advanced Technology Center, at Vertica, and at Domino Data lab.