Tamr Enterprise Data Mastering

By Tamr | @intelia | April 8

Australian and New Zealand organizations: Master your customer or supplier data with intelia and Tamr on GCP and get the first six months of Tamr’s license subscription license at NO COST

Addressing customer data quality as part of a cloud migration helps businesses overcome the data challenges that slow outcomes (e.g. siloed data, duplicate, inaccurate and incomplete records). Master customer and supplier data as part of your Google Cloud migration and unlock business-critical insights to increase sales and drive cost savings.

Tamr’s cloud native data mastering solution, delivered by intelligent automation consultancy intelia, lets organizations leverage machine learning to help them curate and enrich their data using Google Cloud’s highly secure and scalable infrastructure. Make the switch to a modern approach to master data management.

Tamr will allow you to:

  • Increase record matching accuracy
  • Deliver analytics-ready datasets in weeks
  • Lower your total cost of ownership
  • Reduce manual workflows by up to 90%

Launch Your First Project in weeks, not years.

Tamr and intelia will sponsor and deliver your first data mastering project.

  • Mastered B2B customer or supplier data
  • Complimentary enablement package
  • First six months at no cost