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The explosion in the volume and variety of data has provided unprecedented data-driven opportunities but has also led to unacceptably high costs and complexity of connecting and unifying business data to realise new opportunities. As a result, many large enterprises have a highly fragmented data landscape, which makes answering core questions about customers, products and suppliers practically impossible.

Connected data is the foundation to meaningful analytics and driving real business outcomes.

For example, a telecommunication service provider interacts with existing and new customers through many channels including call centres, retail shops, websites (live chat) and mobile phone apps. All these interactions, related to the same customer/person, are likely to be stored in different systems. Having an accurate and unified view of each customer, regardless how they interact (full name, contact details, history of interactions, recent interests), would help the telco increase sales opportunities and also improve the customer experience by reaching out to the customer with relevant information about their services at the relevant time.


Master Data Management (MDM) brings the data sources and information together. The aim is to create the single source of truth for the data, providing trusted, accurate and complete data to support decision making across all business functions. The key benefits are a single view of the data, a 360-degree view of your customers, products and suppliers, and a complete view of all interactions.

How Tamr can help?

Today, many organisations are facing the reality that their significant investments in traditional rule-based Master Data Management (MDM) systems have failed to keep pace with the growing number of highly variable data sources needed to answer critical business questions.

Contrary to the traditional rule-based solutions, Tamr connects and unifies data across a variety of data sources, using human-guided machine learning. The advanced algorithms can analyse and determine which attributes to match, records to merge and classify–handling over 90% automatically. At the core of Tamr’s technology is the ability to engage data experts when required through simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions. The output is a curated dataset that can be used to power data analytics.

Tamr’s innovative technology accelerates consolidation and creation of golden records, using the data from large, diverse data sets, enabling effective data-driven decisions faster. Tamr is designed to easily tie into existing data infrastructure (via RESTful APIs) and offers cloud-native, on-premise and hybrid deployments.

Why Tamr?

  • Accelerate data mastering projects from years to weeks or months, using human-guided machine learning.
  • Lower cost of ownership through reduced manual workflows for data consolidation, categorisation and geo-spatial mapping.
  • Empower data teams to focus on high-value work and deliver business outcomes with curated, mastered enterprise data.
  • Integrate seamlessly with data pipelines and analytics solutions through open architecture and robust API.