• Secure data sharing on a single platform amongst multiple partners
    • Third-party customers don’t need to be a Snowflake customer
    • Replicate Snowflake data shares across multiple regions and cloud providers
    • Monetise your data sets on Snowflake’s Data Marketplace


There’s an increasing requirement to deepen insights by utilising more third-party data. Traditionally this has been performed via file sharing and ETL processes within an organisation’s file system to external parties.

Traditional data sharing delivery mechanisms include emails, FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and ETL (Extract Transform Load).

As of late many organisations have moved to sharing via the cloud, where barriers still exist in terms of providing near real time insights and value from disparate data.

Current on premise data sharing architectures administer a high degree of network security, file system maintenance/overhead and limit analysis of data sharing from business to business.

These processes are slow, cumbersome, costly, untimely and resource intensive; and only allows for moving limited amounts of shared data.

Traditional data sharing

Traditional data sharing requires duplicating and moving data from a data provider to data consumers.


A modern data sharing capability must enable organisations to share data in a governed, consistent easy to use interface that can add insights to partner organisations at an instant with near real time data.

The old mechanism of file sharing over the network/cloud storage with multiple copies and versions of the data no longer has to be the only viable solution in an age where insightful data is only as good as the data being right and delivered on time.

New cloud architectures are emerging where real time data analytics are shared via simple SQL queries for business to business, public and exclusive secured data shares.

Modern cloud data sharing

Modern cloud data sharing enables fast, live, secure, and governed data sharing without moving data.

How Snowflake can help?

Snowflake is the only true data platform built for the cloud, with native data sharing capability that allows for seamless, secure cross-organisation data sharing.

A provider organisation can simply setup a ‘share’ which providers consumer organisations access to a database, schemas, tables and views that have been securely assigned to the ‘consumer’ organisation.

Snowflake empowers all users to leverage performance analytics. Workloads for analysts and data scientists can be scaled up on demand as data volumes and complexity of queries increase and can scale back down during normal business operations.

In Snowflake, a consumer organisation can simply add the consumers data share to its Snowflake account and instantaneously gain insights by linking external data to its internal data already available in Snowflake at real-time.

Equally, consumer organisations can create multiple shares to other or organisations creating a web of B2B secure data sharing capabilities within a few minutes in Snowflake.

In addition to Snowflake’s traditional data sharing, consumers can discover and access a variety of third-party data and have those datasets available directly in your Snowflake account. This enables the ability to not only query without transformation but to also join it with your own data. If you need to use several different vendors for data sourcing, the Data Marketplace gives you one single location from where to get the data.